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Social media trends vary significantly; some are being developed while others remain suppressed. People are developing and adopting new trends in this new era of technology and social media. One of them, which is getting more popular, is to create your avatar. Your avatar shows your presence on social media as a small image, so that must be unique. Fonts Pool offers free avatar maker services, and you don't need to be an artist for this. It's fun and easy to create your avatar using Fonts Pool. 

With time the avatars are getting popular, and more consumers are making their virtual graphics for a unique presence; finding free services is getting nerve-racking. Using Fonts Pool avatar maker, you can design illustrations and visual graphic images that resemble your personality for free. The tool offers various options to customize the avatar per your skin color, face cut, nose shape, glasses, hair, eye color, attire, mouth, and more.

How to Create Your Own Avatar With Fonts Pool?

You don't need graphic designing skills or an artist degree to create your own avatar at Fonts Pool. The user-friendly interface welcomes users with no prior experience or knowledge. The tool is handy to use- thanks to its user-friendly interface.

First, you need to select the gender. Don't limit yourself to the typical female/male identity; choose the one you feel comfortable around. After selecting the gender, the tool will display a default avatar- make changes to create a custom avatar.

On top of the page, you will get five options; eye color, face shape, hair color, nose shape, and skin color. Take your time in customizing the avatar and giving it your realistic resemblance. Besides the default options, you can customize eye size, shape, color, clothing, mouth, ears, nose, and background.

Use the Undo & Redo options to deal with mistaken customization. You can also use the Reset button to begin from the start. Each feature has various modifications underneath, which you will notice while using the profile picture avatar maker. You can customize the features using the options, such as enlarging or shortening the size, changing color, or moving them around.

Feel free and play with all the options until you are satisfied with your art. The avatar might look like you or not, depending on how efficiently you use the avatar creator online. Or, you can use the RANDOM option if you can't decide what nose shape or eye color to use.

How to Download Your Avatar For Free?

So you are done customizing your avatar and satisfied with the outcome? Let's now proceed to the last option and download the art to keep it forever. Fonts Pool has designed this custom avatar maker keeping customers' ease in mind. Just hit a few opinions and download your avatar.

SVG: Sometimes, users demand changes in size and colors even after finalizing the design. SVG is a vector-based image that lets you resize the image per need.

PNG (200px): PNG 200px is a small-pixel image with transparency support. This option is usually for profile pictures and instant message sharing.

PNG (400px): PNG 400px is a large-pixel image with transparency support. This option is usually for social media sharing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General faq's about avatar maker

Using Fonts Pool custom avatar maker, you can make a digital avatar of yourself. Not only you, anyone can create digital avatars using the online avatar creator. Try taking a selfie, selecting an avatar style, and making customization, and you are ready to go! Download the SVG version to make customization whenever you want.

For free avatar customization, you get Fonts Pool cartoon avatar maker online. The process is handy- thanks to the user-friendly interface. All you need to do is; select gender, avatar style, eye color, hair, skin color, ears, face shape, eye size, and clothing. With the Fonts Pool avatar tool, you can make Discord avatars, cartoon avatars, Snapchat avatars, Facebook avatars, Realistic avatars, VRchat avatars, and more.

Almost every user makes avatars online, but a few succeed in making them look like themselves. The best way to resemble the avatar is by starting with a selfie. Ensure the lighting is good, and let the camera scan your face. Prevent moving your camera. If you are unsatisfied with the avatar, make changes to make it realistic.

Many users find customizing the avatar nerve-racking- including you. For a speedy process, upload a picture and make customization. The scanner will scan the features, face style, shape, eye color, ear shape, and hair to design a realistic avatar.

Yes, you can. Fonts Pool, the free avatar maker, is available for all platforms, including desktop, mobile, and laptop. All you need to do is click a few buttons, make customization, and download the avatar. You can use the avatar as your profile picture on instant messaging platforms and social media sharing apps.


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