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What is the bold text?

Font with a thicker outline that is easily noticeable is called bold font. The bold text has a strong aura that makes it an ideal font to put pressure on a point or want readers' attention towards something.

Why bother about fonts?

When we are conveying a message, expressing our feelings, or making our statement, font matters a lot. Therefore, we choose a font that is suitable for the situation and expresses what we are trying to express the best.

Bold Font

Bold font is one of the most famous fonts out there, and generally, its purpose is to highlight a point. Usually, in the assignments and articles, using a bold font is to highlight an important part and provide headings. But, those are the old times as now these are not the only uses of bold font. You can use the bold font almost anywhere from your academic assignments to social media, your web articles, blog posts, and many other places. Generally, all of these places allow using bold font. So all you need to make your writing more effective is a bold font generator to make your writings stand out.

Bold Font Generator

As you have seen, you can use bold fonts in a lot of places. But, the question is, how you can get the bold font you want? The answer is simple by using a bold font generator. Such font generators are great for converting any font into a bold font and make your writing unique.

You can simply type something or copy-paste some text and then click the convert option. After pressing the convert icon, you can have your whole or partial text converted to strong, bold font.

Bold Font Generator by Fonts Pool

The font generator by Fonts Pool has many exclusive features that you won't find in other tools. There are many qualities that separate our tools from others. One of our tool's major features is that it can convert your text into bold text and image. Thus, you can use either the image, text or both.

The best thing about the bold font generator is that it is free. You do not have to pay for any feature, nor are there any hidden charges.

Bold Text to Image Conversion

Text to image conversion of your bold font is something you do not get with other bold font generators. Therefore, it is one of the major highlights of our tool. You can convert various texts and then use them on your social media, blogs, websites, and any place you want to share them.

When it comes to sharing motivational quotes and other such things on social media, you can simply use our bold font generator and make the social media post pretty amazing. Similarly, you can use these images on your blogs to get something noticed by your readers. There are many places you can use the converted font images and convey what you want to say more effectively.

Bold Text Copy and Paste

As previously mentioned, our tool does both types of conversions: text and image. Thus, if you need a simple converted font instead of an image, you can do that too with our bold font generator. You can use our generated font for many purposes, from making a general piece of writing strong to putting nice captions on things.

An added advantage of using our bold font generator is that we have a wide range of bold fonts. You do not have to pick from a simple type of boring and bland bold font. Instead, you can choose from a variety of bold fonts.

Types of Bold Texts you Get with us

You can make a whole variety of bold fonts with our bold font generator. The variety of bold texts include bold(serif), bold(sans), Italic bold(serif), Italic bold(sans), medieval bold, and double struck. So, you have a full variety of options that fit your text requirements the best. Besides, you can use these texts in a unique and creative way too.

Following are some of the uses of our types of bold fonts:


You can widely use this type of font for your headings and typography. The strong, bold font is ideal for making headings and subheadings of articles for both digital and print media. Moreover, you can use the font to make your writing strong.

Bold(sans) Font

It is also a famous type of bold fonts that has a similar use as that of the serif fonts. The serif font is more of a plain type of font. It has a plain and simple appearance, yet the font's creative use can make your writing amazing.

Italic Bold(serif) Font

Italic bold font is easy to notice in any piece of writing. Therefore, usually, we use this type of font for making important points in texts. Another use of the font is to quote something a person said.

Italic Bold(sans) Font

The use of the font is very much similar to its serif counterpart. You can use it in a similar way in your writings and make things interesting. Moreover, you can also use the text for your social media posts.

Medieval Bold Font

You can find other types of bold font on other platforms, but the medieval bold font is one of our bold font generator's specialty fonts. There are many ways you can use this font, from your academics to your blogs and many other forms of published writing. The unique flavor of this text makes your written articles more interesting and appealing.

Double Struck Font

Double Struck is another one of our specialty fonts that you will not find on other bold font generators. It is one of the Fonts Pool exclusives. There are hundreds of ways you can use this font style and grab the attention of your readers. 

All you need to do for all the variety of bold fonts is to type what you want to convert. The whole variety of bold fonts will appear in front of you. So, make all types of writing interesting today. 

Bold Text Usage for Social Media

You can use a bold font on social media to make noticeable points and many other things like making your captions. Also, you can make your Insta stories creative and fun for your followers. In short, you can make good use of bold text by using our bold font generator.

Facebook Bold Text Generator

Facebook is the most famous social media with millions of daily users. To make interesting posts on your profiles and pages, you can use our tool as your facebook bold text generator. Both image and text options are there for you to choose from.

Instagram Bold Text Generator

Instagram is another people filled platform where you engaging posts can get a lot of interaction. So, use our tool to make your text convey the message you want to deliver. 

Twitter Bold Text Generator

Twitter is a place to express your views and to make your daily rants. As we know how much necessary choosing the right font is when giving our views, so to express your views in a better way, use our text converting tool.

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